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Citroen Pneumatic Suspension Conversions

Convert your Citroen pneumatic suspension to coil springs with S&P Lomas Oldham.

Citroen pneumatic suspension, or air suspension systems as they are often known can, and often do fail.

S&P Lomas offer a reliable and cost effective Citroen air suspension replacement service, in which we replace your existing air suspension system with more reliable and more cost effective coil springs. This suspension conversion is a much cheaper way to repair or replace your vehicles suspension, as well as being much more reliable in the long term.

The Citroen C4 is particularly well known for its air suspension faults, which can be diagnosed using state of the art machinery at S&P Lomas’ service centre in Oldham.

Our technicians can analyse and diagnose the fault, and advise on the best solution, whether that’s a simple air suspension repair, or a complete replacement with new coil springs.

Suspension conversions are carried out by our skilled mechanics from our garage in Oldham. Suspension alterations and replacements can often be carried out quickly, meaning your car is off the road for only a short period of time.

To find out about air suspension conversions from Lomas’, call us today on 0161 633 3474 or email [email protected]